National Pain Centers was founded with the belief that all medical services, specifically pain management services, should be delivered with the highest quality standard of care available. National Pain Centers has acquired recognition and respect locally and nationally for our top-tier Interventional Spine and Pain Diagnosis and Treatment. Our philosophy of care is to incorporate a multimodal and logical approach with individualized care. Jay Joshi, MD, the CEO and Medical Director, is a nationally recognized board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Spine and Pain Management physician who believes in a comprehensive approach to managing his patients.

Currently in America, the vast majority of “pain management” practitioners have not completed accredited interventional pain fellowships. In fact, the simple definition of what is a pain management physician is debatable.  This is important because without proper training, there is no proof of one’s knowledge, experience and proficiency in one’s field. Even when a practitioner has passed medical school, completed an anesthesiology residency, completed an accredited interventional pain fellowship, and has passed all their board examination, there still can be variability in competency and outcomes.

Delivering reliable, safe, and effective outcomes are paramount. For those providers and patients that value excellent outcomes in pain management and recognize that choosing a practice simply because they are "down the street" or "in-network" is simply not the best, we believe that a little research will go a long way when choosing your Interventional Spine and Pain Management Provider.

National Pain Centers was founded with the philosophy that the patient experience should be as pleasant and positive as possible using three core principles that combine:

  1. Strong Knowledge Base and Education
  2. Solid Procedural Skills
  3. Unwavering Integrity

For more information and to see first-hand what differentiates us, please feel free to call us at 847-701-3250. We look forward to working in collaboration with you to help you achieve a more pain-free, functional lifestyle.